Human Rights and Environmental Law

Due to the growing importance of human rights issues at the global, regional and national levels, the growth and development of human rights knowledge in the world, the human rights master's course was approved by the Supreme Planning Council in 2000 and its implementation began at Shahid Beheshti University. In this course, human rights issues and subjects are studied from two dimensions at three global, regional and national levels:  normative and protection institutions and mechanisms.  In fact, Civil and political, economic, social , cultural and solidarity rights are studied from the point of view of substance, and the human rights protection procedures and mechanisms including mandatory and optional procedures, such as charted-based bodies and treaty-based committees are studied in from procedural point of view. the purpose of this course is to train a senior expert in human rights by raising the level of information and awareness on international human rights issues.

Considering the increasing importance of protecting the environment against all kinds of pollution and destructive actions, as well as the necessity of developing the country in various fields while protecting the environment, the master's course in the field of environmental law was also held in 2003 in the Council for the Development of Higher Education. It was approved and its implementation started this year in Shahid Beheshti University. This legal field is interdisciplinary in nature, and in it, legal knowledge is taught in different fields, including public international law, criminal law, public law, and other sciences related to the environment. The goal of the environmental law master's course is to raise the level of information and awareness of undergraduate students for domestic and international environmental protection of environment, to train efficient legal experts in the field of environmental protection, and to help in the proper use of national development programs along with environmental protection.

These two legal master's courses were merged with each other in 2011 and a new department was created with the title of Human Rights and Environmental law Department, which manages both courses.