International Commercial, Intellectual Property and Cyberspace Law

The Department of International Commercial, Intellectual Property and Cyberspace Law offers 3 high level  Master's programs (International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Energy Law) and 2 PhD programs (Oil & Gas Law, International Trade and Investment Law).

The department is the earliest one which started Intellectual Property Law program in Iran in 2004. The International Trade Law program was established in 2006. A joint academic project with U.K universities for the first time is regarded as one of the prominent moments of Iran’s legal academic affairs. The department, as a pioneer also initiated an Energy Law program among Iranian law schools in 2021.

By providing Oil & Gas Law and International Trade and Investment Law PhD programs, through the years, the department has trained many highly qualified generations of legal professionals who have served substantially in important industries of oil and gas and they have been very influential in the legal aspects of international investment and commercial relations as experts or scholars.